About Wayne

Wayne G

My name is Wayne Gardner and I'm passionate about what I do: Home Inspections

I'm a fortunate guy. I've got a great family, great friends, and I love my job! I wake up every day, eager to take another bite out of life. I believe in trying to improve every day and never being satisfied with the status quo. I look forward to arriving at every home inspection and meeting new people who are excited about their new home. I want to be more than just your 1-time home inspector. I want to be your home inspector now and in the future. I want you to consider me a resource as you live in your home, and I want you to be happy to refer me to your friends and family. To that end, I strive to provide a home inspection that provides overwhelming value at a very fair cost.

About Tim

Tim M

My name is Tim Morland, and while I am new to Red Wall, I am not new to inspection or property. I’ve spent the last 30 years around piston aircraft engines, inspecting and repairing them so the owner could safely return to the skies. That service provided great value, and value is what we all want and Red Wall strives to provide. I’ve also spent a lot of time in home and property maintenance. I’ve been under houses, on top of houses and everywhere in between. I’ve built new stuff and fixed old stuff. I’m motivated by making something better and doing it well. I’d like to put my experience to work for you; looking your house over, answering your questions and helping you discern if this is the place you’d love to call home.

About Rick

Rick D

Rick has left the company as he battles cancer. Rick is a wonderful father, husband and friend and we miss him very much. Our prayers our with Rick and his family and we hope to see Rick rejoin the company soon.


Wayne GRick, Tim and I are long time friends who decided to join forces in the home inspection world. When we met over a decade ago, I was the baseball coach and Rick was the umpire who kept me in check. Tim was the Dad everyone called when the field needed repair.

Tim and I often inspect together as a team. However, when things get busy, we divide and conquer.

When you schedule an inspection with us, you could get us both or either one of us. If you have a preference, just let us know. Whether you get Me, Tim or both of us, we work hard to ensure you get the same quality inspection and report.

Please come with us!

Your New HouseNot only are you welcome to come with us on the inspection, but we encourage you to do so. You are welcome to talk with us as we move around the home, and ask all the questions you like.

Other benefits of being part of the inspection include a better understanding of the written report and more value for your money overall. We know it is not always possible for you to be present but we want you to know you are welcome. If you cannot attend, rest assured we will strive to complete the report in a manner in which you can understand and you are always welcome to call us with questions.

Where will we go to inspect?

MapThe answer is...pretty much anywhere. Although we live in wine country, outside of Portland, We are often in the Portland area. However, we frequently do inspections up north in the St. Helens/Scappoose area. We travel to the coast from time to time when the opportunity presents itself, and of course we inspect to the Salem area and beyond. Because we typically perform only one inspection per day, travelling to beautiful places all around our state is not an issue. You should know, however, that we do typically charge anywhere from $25 - $100 additional fee for travels outside the Salem to Portland area. Ask us about the location of your home inspection and we will give you a fixed cost on the additional travel fee.

Something else to keep in mind: At times we are requested to perform a reinspection on repairs performed after the original inspection. If you are paying an additional fee for us to travel, you may have to pay it again in the case of a reinspection.