On this page, We will try to post timely tips on taking care of your home throughout the year.

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The rain just keeps on coming!...

sample imageShort articles to help you prepare your home for whatever the northwest can throw at it.

This month's tip:

OCTOBER! Time to prepare! October is a mix of wonderful fall weather and a preview of things to come. Think ahead and be happy and comfortable when the rains come. Here are some things to think about:

  • Safety first - You are about to get inundated with Trick-or-Treaters. Are there trip hazards or dark spots in your front driveway and yard. A well lit path is a good start.
  • Walk around your home after a good rain. Are there puddles around your foundation? Are your downspout extensions still connected and directing water away from your home? the grade and concrete around your home should all direct water away. Remember, your basement or crawlspace is not water proof.
  • Look up at your gutters. Are there green things growing out of them? Time to get the ladder and take a closer look. Always be safe. Secure your ladder to the gutter and don't climb on the roof. There are plenty of folks who will come clean your gutters for you.
  • Step back and take a look at your roof. Is it covered with moss and/or debris? Are there tree branches in contact with it? Has anyone been up there in awhile? If not, it is time. A good roofing contractor will gladly come out and climb on it and let you know how it is looking. Roofs require periodic cleaning and maintenance every few years. Little leaks can soon turn into big ones.
  • Do you see anything you're not sure of? Snap a few pics and send them to your home inspector. Be proactive.
  • NOVEMBER! Are you ready for Rain?

    MARCH / APRIL - Now is the time to take a peek into the crawlspace under your home to see what, if any water is under there. It is OK to see some moisture under your home in the form of small puddles but in general, it should be pretty dry under there. Grab your brightest flashlight and hop under there, carefully. If you see things you are not sure of, snap a few photos or give me a call to come out and take a look. Wet crawlspaces are a common issue in the northwest and in many cases, there are simple things you can do to keep yours dry or at least dryer. Let me know if you need some help.