Here comes the rain!

We can help you in more ways than one. Of course, if you are purchasing a new home, we can perform a thorough and quality home inspection for you. If you are selling your home, we can do the same, helping to identify issues prior to them arising in a buyer's inspection. But what if you already own your home and are simply looking for guidance in how to take care of it? We can offer you that guidance in the form of a short home maintenance review and consultation.

Please see below for more information on ways we can help you.

Home Maintenance Review - HMR

Here comes the rain!

Times are tough in this great country of ours. More Americans are out of work than most of us can ever remember. I can feel the pendulum swinging back to the days when families moved less frequently and people took more pride in the homes they lived in. If you are like me, you are finding yourself spending less time dreaming of your dream home and more time thinking how best to take care of the home you own. We can help you. Our years of experience as home inspectors and home owners, have taught us the forces bent on destroying your home. In a Home Maintenance Review (HMR), we will review your home's current condition and deliver a short report describing where your home would benefit most with your efforts. We would encourage you to come along with us and we can discuss the components in more detail. We can guide you in learning to perform your own maintenance and make your own repairs or we can help you find quality contractors to perform these tasks for you.

A HMR is not a home inspection. It is a consultation designed to help you understand and care for your home and to guide you along your path of home ownership. Typical cost is about half that of a home inspection. You should have one performed periodically (3-4 years) as you live in your home, to ensure your efforts are well spent and to help you avoid the surprises which can arise when you do decide to sell your home and are on the receiving end of a home buyer's inspection. Call us to discuss. We are ready to help. Click here to see a sample HMR report.

Single Family Home Inspection

sample imageIf you are buying a home, you need a thorough home inspection. From new construction to an existing home, it's time for a full education.

Our home inspections take longer because we do every one as if we were buying the home. We have a practiced and tested routine that keeps us focused on the task at hand. The standard home inspection includes:

Although not required, we encourage you to come along with us if you can, especially if you are a first time home buyer. We will learn about the home together and you will benefit with an increased understanding of the conditions and increased value overall.

Be prepared for an extended stay. Bring some food and water. You should also bring a flashlight and a note pad.

No matter who you hire to do your inspection, it should be based your due diligence. At the very least, you should read their website and their sample reports. The inspection report will be a good indication of how much time is put into the home inspection and how hard the inspector works for you. We have several below (frequenly rotated).

Multi-Family Building Inspection

WDO - Wood Destroying Organism Inspection